Aesthetics and Elegance inspire my creativity and are the values that I appreciate the most. My mission is to empower independent women to improve their Taste and create an Elegant Image. To contribute to the development of aesthetic values and help women define their inner beauty and balance, and this way gain confidence and integrity. By changing our mindsets we are changing the world we live in!


People are looking for ways to save the Planet and to make the World a better place. They stand for human or animal rights, care about the global warming and recycling, develop new technologies and create amazing designs. We live and make decisions based on our beliefs and values. As an Elegant image specialist, today I feel the necessity to share my experience. I aim to fill our Life with the vital energy of Aesthetics and support the development of women’s femininity.

For 13 years of my life I’ve helped women be happy and beautiful on their Special Day. With my hands, I’ve created hundreds of unique dresses and reached my so far highest point of self-realization and recognition as a bridal fashion designer in Prague. After over 1000 individual consultations with women of different ages and cultural values, I’ve discovered the secret of attractiveness and the power of Inner Beauty!

Now I can confidently say that I know “What a woman wants”. Yes, we are all different, but each one of us wants to feel unique. We are united by the desire to emphasize our individuality and strive to be attractive and feel special not only on the wedding day! Obviously, the main source of harmonious beauty and confidence is within us. So let's bring harmony into our lives together!

My story

I can surely call myself a lucky and happy person. In the spring of 2008, I was fortunate to win a car in a lottery draw. Then I right away decided to fulfill my dream of traveling Europe for the first time. That event changed my life! I was 33 when, with 2 sewing machines in my luggage, I moved to Prague and started building my life and business from scratch. Day by day I was creating my brand, discovering the new market and achieving recognition.



I am grateful to Life for having given me the unique ability to visualize things and recreate my visions. Be it metal or silk, interior design or a flower composition, in my hands they always get a touch of elegance. From design, fabric and accessory selection, pattern-making, cutting and sewing, customer services, to the complete brand development – all these were my responsibilities for 13 years of my life.



The goal of “NANAY sharing with love” project is to motivate and inspire women to be Balanced and Confident. To help them create an Elegant image of a modern successful woman and shape their Taste! Discover the power of inner beauty and confidence, acquire an Elegant woman’s manners  and be a genuinely attractive self-sufficient woman with a stable self-esteem! Let’s bring harmony into our lives together!