Aesthetics and Elegance inspire my Creativity and are the Values that I appreciate the most. I am grateful to Life for giving me the unique ability to visualize things and recreate my visions. Be it metal or silk, interior design or floral composition, in my hands things always get a touch of Elegance.


1992 – 1998 Master of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Applied Arts: Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts

5 years in the field of Interior and Exterior Design: Product Designer, Project Manager, and Home Decor Advisor

15 years' experience in Women’s Apparel Design: Designer, Dressmaker, Art Director, Personal Image Consultant


In 2021 my Love for the French Cinéma brought me to a film set, and my life changed completely! Since then, I have been successfully working on projects as an Art Director and Set Decorator. Meanwhile, I stay focused on writing a scenario for my own feature and short films. Main topics of my interest: psychology, self-development, and neuroscience.

  • Strongly marked spatial reasoning and visualization
  • Extremely keen eye on proportions and composition in a frame
  • Excellent sense of style, color and texture combinations
  • Creative thinker and idea-maker, very effective in brainstorming
  • In-depth knowledge of brand concept and identity creation
  • Strong hand sketching abilities using pencil, watercolors, pastels
  • Highly responsible, precise, punctual, and very well organized

Life has given me a lot of chances and opportunities. Today, new challenges make me feel even more excited than ever before! I am open to collaboration to improve my skills and expand the possibilities for my creative self-realization. Let’s bring harmony into our lives together!


My story

In the spring of 2008, I was fortunate to win a car in a lottery draw. That gave me the chance to fulfill my dream of traveling Europe for the first time! I was 33 when, with 2 sewing machines in my luggage, I moved from Baku to Prague and started building my life and business from scratch. Please find here answers to most frequently asked questions and step by step discover more about my personality.



2005 – 2019 “NANAY designing with love” brand takes its origin in Baku Azerbaijan starting from 2005. Since 2009 in Prague, I’ve created hundreds of unique made-to-measure dresses. Stitch by stitch, without assistants and advertising agencies, I have managed to build my brand and reached my so far highest point of self-realization and recognition as a Bridal Fashion designer in Prague.


Textile & Couture

2019 – 2021 Trough my innovative know-how, I brought traditional wet felting technique to the world of high fashion. The goal of “NANAY textile design & couture” was to get the fashion of felt textiles beyond its traditional forms and create undeniable beauty for a truly Elegant Woman to emphasize her romantic and very feminine appeal. Created the collection of exclusive evening gowns and produced hand-made scarves.



2019 – 2021 After over 1000 individual consultations with women of different ages and cultural values, I’ve discovered the secret of attractiveness! “NANAY sharing with love” project was created to empower independent women to build an Elegant Image. Prepared a series of interactive workshops on image and inner beauty, and also offered consultations on individual style and colors in clothes.