The goal of “NANAY sharing with love” project is to motivate and inspire women to be Balanced and Confident. To help them create an Elegant image of a modern successful woman and shape their Taste! Discover the power of inner beauty and confidence, acquire an Elegant woman’s manners  and be a genuinely attractive self-sufficient woman with a stable self-esteem! Let’s bring harmony into our lives together!

Taste is the sense and ability of a person to recognize the beautiful and the ugly on the basis of spiritual and moral values. Aesthetics is the philosophical discipline about the essence and shapes of beauty in art, in nature and in life. Fashion is superficial, and it expresses not only the Taste, but also the manner of behavior. As a form of public behavior, it creates social dependency. And that nowadays is one of the most important problems of the society.

To this purpose, I have prepared a series of seminars and workshops for those who aim to be self-sufficient and balanced. We all have approximately the same vision of ​​Success. Let me explain to you why Elegance is the way to Success. Why it is so important to have core personal and aesthetic values. How they affect the inner beauty and help us on the self-development path. Let me open for you the doors into the world of visual art and fill your life with harmony!

In contrast to many others, I am not going to talk about yoga and spiritual practices. Instead, I invite you to explore the structure of the life balance wheel, through which you will be able to discover the life’s main energy sources. I will also help you to significantly expand your knowledge of the art of cinematography and music genres. To acquire an elegant woman’s manners and create your image. I will share with you all the secrets of true inner beauty and attractiveness!

The history of Fashion gives us the opportunity to see the path of the woman’s development, evolution of her values, manners and, of course, clothing styles. For centuries, we have fought for our rights and we have achieved freedom in many aspects of life. Nowadays, we are free to love, create and work, study and improve ourselves. But unfortunately, despite the overall spirit of freedom and independence, we are still affected by the public opinion and face difficulties with decision-making and choice determination.

This introductory seminar will change your view of the Fashion industry and help you see the problems of the modern society. Trends and oversaturated market plant in us fears and illusions which destroy our individuality. The problem of lack of time is becoming more and more pressing for all of us. I will guide you through the entire history of costumes with illustrative examples and interesting facts. I will explain the difference between the concepts of “Vogue” and “Fashion” and perform an analysis of the root causes of our problems.

My goal is to inspire you to take a proactive position in life. To encourage you to take action and start your journey to a happy conscious life! You choose: to lead or to be led! You, not marketing or anyone else! You decide what style to belong to and what clothes to wear. So, instead of fighting against the Marketing rules or the Global and very powerful Fashion Industry standards, you can redirect your attention from the outer world into yourself! To get out of your comfort zone and start working on your Elegant Image!

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We all wish for success, for a beautiful and stable life and, of course, we want to be happy. Why do happy people look so attractive? They are full of strength and seem to glow from the inside, shine with inner harmony. That is so because they are filled with vital energy! Stable, balanced, elegant people always draw attention. For this inner beauty has always been and will always be the core of attractiveness!

For many people balance is a mysterious phenomenon. This word is often associated with yoga and a physical sense of balance. The concept of a balanced diet is very commonly known. Have you ever heard of the Life Balance Wheel? It is a system of senses and meanings, 12 main sources of vital energy. This great tool can help you reach balance and build success in your life, or it can be applied to create color combinations. With illustrative examples, I will demonstrate how it would work for self-image improvement.

To gain confidence and achieve harmony, find your balance in life, you must first of all learn to be honest with yourself. To be faithful to your core values ​​and beliefs. And for this, you should understand the nature of your “I want”. Learn to listen to your inner voice and trust yourself to awaken your inner beauty! Because the inner beauty wakes up when we are no longer influenced by other people’s opinions or social expectations!

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It is a common mistake to think that “image” is only about clothes and style. In fact, it is also an essential source of energy and the starting point for socialization. What we think about ourselves and the ways we interact with others are extremely important. Everything matters: taste, manners, speech. Self-image management should start within your conscious mind, from direct work on your body and soul. Changes in your wardrobe won’t bring you happiness if you do not dedicate time to your body and mind on a regular basis.

What is the image of a modern confident woman? She is a responsible, conscious person with a stable self-esteem. She is balanced and has a realistic view of life and of her place in it. Most importantly, she is free from other people’s opinions and judgments and she is able to make her own well-considered decisions. How to develop such an image? What steps should we take on this beautiful, but difficult path of self-discovery? How to learn to define our desires and determine our choices?

We cannot escape from ourselves, nor from the society and its regulations! But we can change our way of thinking! I know how hard it is to stay focused and not let others damage our integrity. It is a long way of self-development and self-improvement. Let me share my experience with you and teach you how to accept yourselves the way you are! To love and respect yourselves, to be genuinely independent and happy!

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