My mission is to empower independent women to improve their Taste and contribute to the development of aesthetic values. To help them to create an Elegant Image of a modern successful woman. Let me share with you my experience and knowledge about Fashion and Image, show you the ways of self-development and self-awareness. By changing our mindset we are changing the world we live in!

Congratulations, you're halfway to success! If you have already realized that you need a change, and you are looking for ways to bring it in your life, most of the work has already been done! As an Elegant image specialist, I feel necessity to share my experience. Especially for you, dear Ladies, I offer consultations on individual style and colors in clothes. Do you wish to update your wardrobe, learn how to mix and match outfits and have a representative look? Take some time for yourself and gain some valuable knowledge!

Consultations will help you to:

  • Learn which style and shape of clothes to choose and wear
  • Discover ways of wearing and mixing colors and patterns
  • Organize your current wardrobe and refine it with essentials
  • Improve your personal and professional image
  • Highlight your unique charm and emphasize your femininity!

I have also prepared a series of interactive workshops on image and inner beauty. In contrast to many others, I am not going to talk about trends, yoga or spiritual practices. Instead, I will reveal my secrets of true attractiveness! Let me share practical information and help you to overcome your fears. My objective is to inspire you to take control of your own life and help you to become a genuinely attractive self-sufficient woman! It's time to get out of the illusionary world, and meet the Reality with the eyes wide open!

Seminars will help you to:

  • Understand yourself and discover the nature of your desires
  • Find your path to a Balanced Life and Inner Harmony
  • Get inspired and find motivation for new challenges
  • Gain confidence and improve your self-presentation
  • Leave the comfort zone and start working on yourself!

Everyone knows it's a pleasure to me to have visitors.

I’d love to offer you a cup of tea, mix cocktails and make tasty snacks.

Read the description of the seminars and consultations, register and come to visit!

Let’s bring harmony into our lives together!



I welcome you in my studio to discuss things over a cup of tea! In a creative and cosy atmosphere, we will determine the proportions of your body shape and analyze the main silhouettes and cuts in clothing. First of all, we will focus on colors and lots of fabric samples. I will lead you through all matching combinations and define the shades of your color palette. We will review combinations of fabrics in terms of practice and aesthetics that matches your preferences.

Invest into your future and personal growth, start creating your Elegant Image today!

Fixed price for the complete session – 2000 CZK

Duration: 2-3 hours

Life is not a black-and-white movie… Let’s bring colors into our lives together!


I recommend that we meet at your place to analyse the current state of your wardrobe. We will determine suitable clothes according to your body type, consider combinations of styles suitable for any dress code, put together colors and textures. We'll classify and organize functional and wearable sets taking into account your bags, shoes and other accessories, and identify the missing core basics to create your new dream wardrobe. We will put on the side unnecessary items, and, most importantly, discuss mistakes you should avoid in the future.

It’s time for a fresh start and brand new image!

Find your authentic style and highlight your beauty!

Fixed price for the first 2 hours – 2000 CZK. Each additional hour – 500 CZK/hr

Duration 2-4 hours.

Order 2 consultations at once and get a discount off the total price – 10%


Yes, often, shopping is unsuccessful and exhausting and just fill your wardrobe with useless clothes. Do you feel uncertain about the choice and need a professional independent view? Let's have a good and effective time together! In practice, we will train the eye on choosing the right colors and matching textures; we will test the styles selected according to your body type, pick up only the necessary clothing, choose the right accessories and complete shopping with a happy smile!

It’s time to create a capsule wardrobe that meets your needs and boosts your confidence every time you wear it!

We can schedule phased meetings or spend the whole day together

Pricing – 800 CZK/hr

Order 3 consultations at once and get a discount off the total price – 20%


Would you like to get key knowledge within 1 consultation? Via video call, we will go through general wardrobe analysis. You will learn how to choose clothes according to your body type! In my work I rely on my long-time experience and use my special methods. With my color schemes I will help you to improve your skills on matching colors, and explain to you the basic principles of working with textures. This consultation will help you to understand what clothes to wear and buy, so you can start improving your new image.

Do you wish to make a change in your life? Start planning every step towards a successful future!

Prepayment via bank transfer 2000 CZK for the first 2 hours.

Each additional hour – 500 CZK/hr Pay the balance after the consultation.

Duration 2-4 hours.

Have questions? Send a request and get more detailed information.

Seminar #1 – History of Fashion, Style and Image

DURATION: 90 minut.

Seminar #2 – Inner Beauty, Balance and Harmony

DURATION: 120 minut.

Seminar #3 – Elegant Image of an Independent Woman

DURATION: 120 minut.

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