The goal of “NANAY sharing with love” project is to motivate and inspire women to be Balanced and Confident. To help them create an Elegant image of a modern successful woman and shape their Taste! Discover the power of inner beauty and confidence, acquire an Elegant woman’s manners  and be a genuinely attractive self-sufficient woman with a stable self-esteem! Let’s bring harmony into our lives together!

It is well known that creative people tend to have doubts and constantly seek inspiration. Throughout my entire life, I have been setting goals, looking for ways, striving and achieving. Like the Phoenix bird, I have had to burn down and rise again many times. Let me share with you my experience and knowledge about Fashion and Image, show you the ways of self-development and self-discovery. Specially for you, dear Ladies, I have prepared a series of interactive seminars and workshops with visual and practical content.

The workshops will help you to:

  • Understand yourself and find your own Style
  • Get new skills and acquire Elegant manners
  • Create your Elegant Image and gain confidence
  • Discover the nature of your “I want” and desires
  • Fill your life with harmony and inner balance

My goal is to inspire you to take a proactive position in life and start your journey to a happy conscious life! In contrast to many others, I am not going to talk about yoga and spiritual practices. Instead, I will share with you my secrets of true inner beauty and attractiveness! In a cozy environment, with cocktails and snacks, you can relax and learn many new things, meet similar-minded people and share your views. It's time to get out of the illusory and virtual world, meet the Reality and look at it with the eyes wide open!

For those who:

  • Want to improve their Style and self-presentation skills
  • Are curious about new ways of self-development
  • Are ready for changes, set new goals and seek challenges
  • Look for new ways of self-improvement to be self-sufficient
  • Strive for a balanced and harmonious fulfilled Life

Everyone knows about my hospitality.

I’ll gladly mix cocktails and prepare some tasty snacks for us.

Read the description of the seminars, register and come to visit!

Let’s bring harmony into our lives together!

Seminar #1 – History of Fashion, Style and Image

DURATION: 90 minut.

Seminar #2 – Inner Beauty, Balance and Harmony

DURATION: 120 minut.

Seminar #3 – Elegant Image of an Independent Woman

DURATION: 120 minut.

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