I am grateful to Life for having given me the unique ability to visualize things and recreate my visions. Be it metal or silk, interior design or a flower composition, in my hands they always get a touch of elegance. From design, fabric and accessory selection, pattern-making, cutting and sewing, customer services, to the complete brand development – all these were my responsibilities for 13 years of my life.

My life path and experience have brought me to deep understanding of women's basic needs. Usually, at a consultation there were questions not only about the future dress, but also about the event and the guests, about their style and preferences. “How would you like to feel?” I asked, in order to understand their desires and dreams, fears and weaknesses. I have tried to change the stereotypes imposed by the wedding trends and the market.

Clients have always welcomed my creative decisions, slightly going beyond the traditional vision of the “white wedding dress”. I liked to create unique images by emphasizing the individual beauty of each woman. I invested my passion, vision and values into every design. Stitch by stitch, without assistants and advertising agencies, I have managed to build my “NANAY designing with love” brand. Now it's time to stop sewing dresses and start sharing my knowledge!