The French Baroque glorified ancient aesthetics, freed femininity and raised the beauty of a mannered woman into a cult. Dior created unconditional elegance and brought into fashion the magnetism of a sensual woman with the grace of a fragile ballerina. French cinema created a charming image of a sensitive and flirting woman. I share these values, and they determine my taste and view of the feminine nature.


A modern self-sufficient woman strives to emphasize her individuality and femininity. She solemnly celebrates important events and achievements of her life, walking her path to success on a red carpet! And only a truly Elegant woman nowadays wears high-heeled shoes and is ready to highlight her inner beauty with a corset dress.

Fashion is about innovations, and authenticity is essential! When designing my collections, I use various materials and create unique textures. I create for those who value creative ideas and appreciate the exclusivity of handcrafted products. Discover my know-how and open doors to new opportunities to express your unique sophisticated taste!


The know-how combines various artistic techniques and brings innovation to the world of high fashion and textiles. The method is based on the traditional technique of wet felting. The original texture of fabrics is achieved through the use of the finest Italian merino wool and viscose fibers, combined with beads and sequins. During the wet felting process only water and soap are used and no other chemical ingredients are added.

In combination with a wide range of colors and materials, the innovation expands the boundaries and allows you to create different textures and shapes.

Bespoke textiles can be made according to your patterns for further processing. The product can be used for various fashion goods or elements of interior decor. Through my collections of evening dresses, I present the possibilities of this technique. I believe in my product and its potential and I am open to collaboration with designers from the world of Haute couture and cinema.

Let's create amazing beauty and develop unique things together!

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The grace of lines and softness of shades, combined with airy tulle, create a magical mood. Placers of sparkling sequins and beads embellish the playfulness of your sensual feminine nature. You can be absolutely confident that at any event you will feel special and undeniably elegant!

Emphasize your unique personality with a dress from my collections!

Three outfits in each mini-collection complement each other in style and color. Handmade textiles in combination with light, invisible nude corsets make each dress one-of-a-kind. Thanks to adjustable sizes all the dresses perfectly fit most of type of women body shapes. Determine your size according to the size chart and choose your special event gown: Bust 85-95 cm / Waist 65-75 cm / Hips 92-102 cm.

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