Seminar #3 – Elegant Image of an Independent Woman

It is a common mistake to think that "image" is only about clothes and style. In fact, it’s also extremely important what we think about ourselves and how we interact with others. Everything matters: taste, manners, speech. The image management should start within your conscious mind, from direct work on your body and soul. Changes in your wardrobe won’t bring you happiness if you do not dedicate time to your body and mind on a regular basis. We cannot escape from ourselves, nor from the society and its regulations! But we can change our way of thinking!

This workshop will help you to:

  • Define and emphasize your individuality and authenticity
  • Acquire an elegant woman’s manners: posture, gestures
  • Create an elegant image of a self-sufficient woman
  • Understand the nature of your desires and know yourself better
  • Get out of the comfort zone and start working on yourself

What is the image of a modern confident woman? She is a responsible, conscious person with a stable self-esteem. She is balanced and has a realistic view of life and of her place in it. How to develop such an image? What steps should we take on this beautiful, but difficult path of self-discovery? Let me share my experience with you and teach you how to accept yourselves the way you are! To love and respect yourselves, to be genuinely independent and happy!


  • Image and stages of its formation. Life cycles
  • Varieties of image and style. Clothing and self-identity
  • Healthy lifestyle. Self-discipline and self-awareness
  • Self-presentation and social etiquette. Taste and Trends
  • Dress code requirements and norms of social behavior

Duration - 120 minutes

Price - 650 CZK

Address - Vinohrady, Chodská 32

Come to experience many different emotions, get inspired and spend a wonderful time with us!

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Let’s bring harmony into our lives together!

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