Seminar #1 – History of Fashion, Style and Image

The history of Fashion gives us the opportunity to see the path of the woman’s development, evolution of her values, manners and, of course, clothing styles. For centuries, we have fought for our rights and we have achieved freedom in many aspects of life. But unfortunately, despite the overall spirit of freedom and independence, we are still affected by the public opinion and face difficulties with decision-making and choice determination. Trends and oversaturated market plant in us fears and illusions which destroy our individuality.

At the seminar you will:

  • Discover lots of historical facts, not only about Fashion
  • See a colorful visual presentation and have a discussion
  • Hear new point of view and see the world through different eyes
  • Relax with a cocktail and wisely spend your leisure time
  • Get a dose of inspiration and find motivation for new challenges

To understand ourselves, we need to know our history and define the root causes of our problems. With illustrative examples and interesting facts, I will guide you through the entire history of costumes. This introductory seminar will change your view of the Fashion industry and expand your outlook. Find out why Elegance is the way to Success! Why it is so important to have core personal and aesthetic values. How they affect the inner beauty and help us on the self-development path.


  • Revolution in clothing. “Vogue” and “Fashion”, Style and Image
  • Women as leaders and icons in history. Designers and their influence
  • Social identity and evolution of Taste. Trends and Marketing
  • Values and authenticity. Confidence and determination of choice
  • Inner balance and beauty. Attractiveness and Elegance

Duration - 90 minutes

Price - 350 CZK

Address - Vinohrady, Chodská 32

Come to experience many different emotions, get inspired and spend a wonderful time with us!

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Let’s bring harmony into our lives together!

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